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There are a myriad of reasons to come to Canada. History. opportunity, freedom, peace, geographic and cultural diversity and of course, natural beauty.

Surrounded by water, Canada boasts the Pacific Ocean which blankets the west coast of Canada and Vancouver Island, the Atlantic Ocean which covers the east coast of Canada, and the neighboring islands, and to the north Hudson Bay, and the Arctic Ocean. These support a major fishing industry and
transportation of goods for import and export.


The Rocky Mountains are breathtaking in all seasons. They support recreation year-round. Skiing, outdoor ice hockey, sport fishing, hunting and more, at world class levels are here to be enjoyed

Our clean, colorful lakes provide recreation opportunities in all seasons.

We have history, even as a young country compared to many. Confederation occurred in 1867 and was
largely due to the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway which united Canada from east to west.
Our cities are second to none. Our many universities and colleges allow for professional development
towards success. World class health care is available to everyone. We have safe and secure places to

Canada has so much to offer. Educational opportunities for everyone. Recreational opportunities for
everyone. We have agriculture, industry, and transportation networks. and an all-round quality of life
that is the envy of the world. Occasionally, our climate is a bit inhospitable, but Canadians make up for
that in their own unique way.


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